Our aims

Over the period 2017-22 we will focus on achieving some key aims to fulfil our mission.

Our mission

Collections Trust helps museums capture and share the information that gives their objects meaning. Our standards and advice are used around the world to make museum collections accessible.

Our aims
  1. Continue to build Collections Trust into a thriving, resilient sector support organisation valued around the world as a centre of excellence for collections management standards and advice.
  2. Consolidate Spectrum as the international standard for museum collections management.
  3. Work in partnership with other sector bodies to reduce significantly the number of UK museums without an appropriate inventory of their holdings.
  4. Help UK museums enrich the quality of their collections information through appropriate documentation plans that are not ends in themselves, but part of mission-focused projects.
  5. Make terminology resources easily accessible and encourage their use to improve the discoverability of their collections information.
  6. Build the capacity of museum leaders to think strategically about digitised collections.
  7. Influence the development of a sustainable, futureproof infrastructure for sharing UK museum collections content, linked to the wider online cultural heritage ecosystem.
  8. Use that infrastructure to develop tools and procedures that support smarter collections management, enabling individual museums to consider their own holdings in wider contexts such as regions and subject specialisms.