Statutory information

Privacy notice

Collections Trust is committed to protecting your privacy. We gather and use personal data in the following ways. If you have any questions, or would like to exercise any of your rights concerning personal data we might hold about you, please contact us. We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office and you can raise any concern with them.

Website cookies and Google Analytics tracking
When you first use our website we will ask for your consent to install cookies on your device. These help our site to work as intended; for example, by remembering items added to your basket in our online shop. If you do not want this, you can visit the website using the private mode of your preferred browser or adjust its cookie settings. Learn more about cookies and how to manage them.

We will also use Google Analytics to track how you interact with our website. The settings we use mean that your IP address is anonymised and not shared with Google. We only use the basic tracking service, not any of the advertising-related options. We have set the data retention period to 26 months to allow us to compare successive years. Read more about how Google Analytics safeguards your data. If you want to stop them tracking you from any website, you can download the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on for most popular browsers.

Newsletter subscription list
If you sign up and consent to receive our email newsletter the information you supply will only be used to send it to you, normally monthly. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the relevant link in the newsletter footer. The subscriber list is held securely on UK servers by Emailblaster,  the provider we use to manage and send our newsletters. Neither they nor Collections Trust will use this information for any other reason, nor will your details ever be shared with anyone else without your consent. You can read Emailblaster’s privacy notice here.

Data collected when you register for a free event
If you register via our website for a free event organised solely by Collections Trust, we will only use the details provided to administer and evaluate that specific event. We will not the information for any other purpose, not share it with anyone else.

If you register via our website for a free event organised by Collections Trust in partnership with one of the regional museum development sector support organisations, will may share the information provided with the relevant partner organisation, but again only to administer and evaluate that specific event, and for no other purpose.

Data collected when you shop online from us
If you order goods or event tickets through our online shop, we will gather the billing and delivery details needed to process and fulfil our side of the contract. Since our books, accessions registers and forms are printed and dispatched on our behalf, we will share the delivery details with our UK-based third-party suppliers, who will only use them for that specific purpose. If you have ordered event tickets, we will only share any access or dietary requirements you have asked us to pass on to the venue or caterers.

If you pay by credit card when using our online shop, your card details are processed directly and securely by SagePay and are not shared with us.

Data relating to other contractual relationships
We have a number of other contractual relationships with, for example, our funding bodies, Spectrum Partners, consultancy clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and, of course, staff. We hold contact details, agreements, financial details needed to make transactions, and correspondence needed to fulfil our side of the relevant contract. We are working on a retention schedule for this information, prioritising sensitive information such as applications for paid and unpaid roles, and will update this privacy notice as soon as possible.

Most of this information is stored in our cloud-based Office 365 suite of applications from Microsoft. This is held on servers outside the EU, but the EU Model Clauses are included in the Microsoft’s Online Services Terms. Local copies of relevant Outlook mailboxes are also kept on devices used by our staff. We regularly review and update our cyber security in line with recommended practice.

Legitimate interests
In the course of our everyday work we acquire, hold and use a range of other personal information. The majority is contact information contained in email correspondence received and responded to using the Outlook application within Office 365 as described above. We are working on a retention schedule for this information, prioritising sensitive information such as applications for paid and unpaid roles, and will update this privacy notice as soon as possible.

Other specific use by consent
To help us demonstrate the impact of our work, each year we plan to ask a small sample of our users to take part in a survey carried out by an external evaluator. If you are selected as a possible survey respondent, we will seek your specific consent to share your contact details with the evaluator for that purpose.

Company information

Collections Trust is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales (Company number 01300565). Read about us on the Companies House website.

Register of persons of significant control
The company knows or has reasonable cause to believe that there is no registrable person or registrable relevant legal entity in relation to the company.
Charity information

We are also a registered charity (Charity number 273984). Read about us on the Charity Commission website.


Registered for VAT (number 215110819).

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