Spectrum book club – Location and movement control

Spectrum book clubIn our third Spectrum book club, we’ll be looking at: Location and movement control. It’s free and simple to join in:

  • This session is now fully booked and registration has closed. 
  • Read the Spectrum 5.0 introduction 
  • Read what Spectrum has to say about Location and movement control – including the standard and suggested procedure.
  • Think about how you do things in your museum (referring to your in-house procedural manual if you have access to it, although we appreciate you might not right now).
  • At the time of the session, follow the simple joining instructions we’ll send you when we confirm your registration. The session will be hosted via an online platform that should work with whatever browser you use, and without the need for you to install anything else. To keep the audio as clear as possible we won’t use video, so you don’t have to tidy up or dress to impress.