There are three main activities within the framework.

  • Connect and collect: an enabling service that would simply gather data from museums and make it available as the raw material for any potential use.
  • Use and enhance: a broad-based ecosystem of tools and services to help a wide range of users find and work with collections data for whatever end use.
  • Store and preserve: a sectorwide strategy for digital preservation, backed up by one or more trustworthy repositories.

Click on the links above for a brief description of each activity, or explore the whole framework using the interactive diagram below. The large blue circles represent the three main activities of the framework. The grey circles represent various kinds of data, while the green ones indicate the kind of tools and services that might form part of the ‘use and enhance’ ecosystem. Clicking on any of the circles will reveal some text, which can be hidden again by clicking the X in the top right of the text box. Use the + and – controls to zoom in and out, or the zoom fit control to return to the default view.