Most of the current Spectrum Partners are software companies, but Partnership is open to any firm that would like to license the standard for commercial use and show their support for it. If you would like to find out more about Spectrum Partnership, please contact Kevin Gosling.

Axiell Group

Axiell logoAxiell develops technically advanced and innovative collection management solutions and provides comprehensive services for archives, libraries and museums (and many other kinds of organisations). Alongside core collection management functions, their products offer a range of tools to enhance data accessibility and exchange. As well as software they offer a range of services, including system hosting and managed services, training, data migration, technical support and other consultancy.


Coeli has a cloud-based solution for cataloguing, managing and disseminating cultural heritage assets, inspired by the “create once, publish everywhere” philosophy. Coeli is a resizable solution for small to large institutions, intended to cover the needs of museums, art galleries and memory institutions. Coeli brings you a complete procedure-based collections management system together with powerful data harvesting and sharing capabilities. Our professionals are museologists, document managers and digital content consultants who work daily supporting the cultural heritage community.

Collector Systems

Collector Systems logoCollector Systems offer a cloud-based collection management system for museums, trusts, foundations and historical homes. Accessible from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone, Collector Systems provides the tools to precisely document any type of collection.


‘ETHER’ is an acronym for Eternal Heritage and reflects our mission to support longevity in the digital elements of museum operations, including documentation, best practices and access to collections. We are a full-service company providing systems, training and consulting support. Our ETHER Base collection management system is cloud-based and compliant with Spectrum 5.0. ETHER Base is a modern data management, documentation and record-keeping system, which provides an open-ended cataloguing structure with support for any data standards. We offer a museum collections aggregator, One-Museum, which provides linkage between museums and schools, linked to the curriculum and extra-curricular information requirements. Our training offerings include digitization, collections management, project management and governance. Our consulting services including inventorying, valuation, archival support and storage management, as well as customized software development.

Gallery Systems

Gallery systems logoGallery Systems is dedicated to helping our clients constantly improve the way they manage and share their collections with their communities by making it easier for museum staff to complete their tasks, collaborate, care for collections, and exhibit objects. Gallery Systems produces an interwoven platform of products that all use the same database, designed to support your collections management needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. From registrars to curators to conservators to collections managers and everyone in-between, we can help your team to streamline the way they manage collections of all types.


Keepthinking logoKeepthinking offer innovative content and collections management software solutions, as well as design and development of web and mobile applications. They develop interfaces, combined with solid technology and strong usability and accessibility principles, to help their customers manage and present their information and engage with their audiences. They work with museums, art galleries, libraries, archives, and private collectors, as well as any other organisation wanting to manage and present information in a simple, beautiful and usable way. Their work has received numerous awards and has been selected for publications worldwide.


KulturIT logoKulturIT develops digital solutions for the cultural sector in close collaboration with museums. They develop, operate and maintain the common IT systems for management, dissemination and development of collections at museums and other cultural institutions, as well as systems for facilitating the collections for research. KulturIT contribute expertise to museums and other cultural institutions to coordinate and develop digital management and dissemination of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Their DigitaltMuseum project allows the 225 participating museums to publish their collections online, making them accessible to all.

MODES Users Association

Modes logoMODES provides Spectrum Compliant collections management software, training and support services to museums, galleries, voluntary groups, businesses and many other organisations. It is the most widely-used CMS in British museums, working with over 600 organisations. MODES enables collections owners and managers to create, protect, manage and use their collections data for public benefit.


OpenHertiage logoOpenHeritage develop and implement digital national heritage management systems for use by heritage managers, researchers, museums, property developers and the public alike. They work closely with national heritage authorities to ensure that the systems fulfil national requirements and that heritage managers receive proper training. They also provide ongoing technical support to ensure long-term sustainability. Open Heritage provide the safe and secure platforms needed for hosting digital content. Their systems are intended to promote and foster public interest in heritage.


Profium logoProfium Sense Collection Management provides a flexible configurable platform for the management of photos, artwork, documents and cultural heritage objects. Digital images and documents can be stored and linked along with related objects. Profium Sense makes sense. Collection management workflows are supported with a flexibly configurable role-based access control mechanism. Since semantic web technologies form the core of the application, data structures can be configured easily. Ontologies and rules may be used to describe connections and relationships between concepts and things.


Re:discovery logoRe:discovery is a collections management software company, comprised of a team of museum and archives professionals and software engineers. They work with art museums, history museums and sites, science museums, corporate collections and archives, private collections, non-profit organizations, universities, archaeological collections and sites, government agencies on the federal, state, and local levels, and many more to provide a system that integrates object collections, archives, reference libraries, and archaeological sites all in one system.


Robotron is a recognised software company specialising in the development of database-supported information systems. With more than 450 employees, our company can look back on a long and successful history. We generate added value for our customers across different sectors in the efficient management and interpretation of large amounts of data and the creative transfer of technical requirements into custom applications. Robotron has been developing collections management software for cultural institutions for over 15 years. The third version of the Daphne collections management system has already been successfully implemented in the museum sector.


SkinSoft logoSKINsoft, a software research laboratory, conceives and develops fundamental research to design contemporary software tools for the management and publication of collections. Their applications are being used by cultural institutions, businesses, and private collectors across Europe and North America, who all have the same expectations of professionalism and performance.

Sofie – Västerbottens Museum

The software Sofie is Sweden’s most used system for managing collections at museums, local history societies and archives. Sofie is owned and developed by Västerbottens Museum since 1991 and has been sold to customers around the country since the mid-1990s. Today the software is running at over 250 customers at various cultural heritage institutions. The software can manage collections of objects, photographic images, relics, films and sounds. Other features include registering individual relations, handling public contributions and making exhibitions.

System Simulation

System Simulation logoSystem Simulation has over 40 years experience supplying systems for all types and sizes of organisations and will work in close collaboration with you, supporting you at all stages of your project, to produce the most successful outcomes. Get the best out of your collections with System Simulation’s CollectionsIndex+, a suite of professional collection management software for archives, libraries and museums. MuseumIndex+, ArchiveIndex+ and BooksIndex+ integrate with System Simulation’s digital asset management system to manage and safeguard your collections to the highest standards.

Transmedia Dynamics

TransMedia Dynamics logoTransmedia Dynamics (TMD) is a highly focused and dynamic organisation specialising in the design, development, delivery and support of MAM. DAM and CMS solutions with the associated consultancy services to the global media, broadcast and archive industries. We innovate and deploy solutions and services which enable our customers to have smarter processes and create more efficient organisations. Our client base spans both global and national organisations highlighting the fact that TMD is small enough to care yet big enough to deliver.

Vernon Systems

Vernon Systems logoVernon Systems develops innovative software for cultural organisations to manage and share their collections.  Their systems are used around the world by institutions to catalogue, manage and publish information about collections. Their clients range from the smallest of volunteer managed museums to substantial institutions managing millions of objects over multiple locations with hundreds of staff.


Zetcom logoZetcom develops collection and museum management systems. Their products and services are designed to meet the multifaceted tasks of museums, galleries and cultural heritage institutions all over the world. Their software simplifies the complex tasks of museum management, letting users manage their collections and exhibitions more efficiently, streamline daily workflow and open access to their collections online. They work with more than 900 institutions, offering individual in-house training sessions, regular user-conferences and a variety of technical services to ensure successful implementation and operation.