Here you can find further resources to help with the Spectrum procedure Emergency planning for collections. For the procedure itself follow this link.

Practical collections care: a syllabus


This syllabus provides a framework for designing a practical course in the care of museum collections. It describes the activities which form the basis of curatorial knowledge and expertise in collections care and encourages a pragmatic approach. It can be used by anyone designing collections care courses for entry level learners.

Threats to museum collections


This brief introduction to threats to museum collections places particular emphasis on some of the reasons for theft. This resource is drawn from presentations at the security seminars funded by Arts Council England and hosted by the Collections Trust in 2012/2013, as part of the Building Capacity in Museum Security project.

Emergency planning toolkit


This emergency plan template has been designed to be easy to use by simply inserting a museum’s relevant information where prompted. The template has been designed so that a plan is produced for fire, flood and leak, for each room or area, both display and storage, on the site.