Here you can find further resources to help with the Spectrum procedure Object entry. For the procedure itself follow this link.

Developing a documentation procedural manual


The procedural manual is a widely recognised device for expressing and communicating a museum’s policy and practice. It should include reference to the standards the museum uses for collecting information about museum objects. The resource describes how to develop and maintain a procedural manual, and what it might contain.

Documentation planning pack


The aim of the Collections Trust Documentation planning pack is to assist museums to produce their own documentation plans. The guidelines contained in the pack can be used for all types of documentation planning; they are not intended as the only way to produce a documentation plan and are specifically to help the documentation planning process as required by UK Museum Accreditation Scheme.

Pre-entry guidance for archaeological collections


This resource explores pre-entry and provides guidance on how to deal in advance with archaeological archives entering your collection. This will not be relevant for all collections but any that involve types of fieldwork will need to document the pre-entry process.

Part of: Object entry

MDA codes


As part of its work with documentation standards the Collections Trust (and its predecessor body MDA) has, since the 1970s, been developing and maintaining a scheme which allows the identification of UK collection-holding organisations and their collections through “codes” which are unique to each organisation.