Here you can find further resources to help with the Spectrum procedure Inventory and see how other museums have put it into practice. For the procedure itself follow this link. You can find further blog posts related to banishing backlogs here.

Collections Biography Toolkit


This toolkit, from Museum Development Yorkshire, provides a framework to undertake an initial survey of a museum collection to create a collection biography and provide an overview of the collection.

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Our survey said...

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Pulling together who knew what about the collections via a survey helped Dorset Museum banish the backlog, as Collections Assistants Kat Broomfield and Camilla King explain.

Developing a documentation procedural manual


The procedural manual is a widely recognised device for expressing and communicating a museum’s policy and practice. It should include reference to the standards the museum uses for collecting information about museum objects. The resource describes how to develop and maintain a procedural manual, and what it might contain.

Documentation planning pack


The aim of the Collections Trust Documentation planning pack is to assist museums to produce their own documentation plans. The guidelines contained in the pack can be used for all types of documentation planning; they are not intended as the only way to produce a documentation plan and are specifically to help the documentation planning process as required by UK Museum Accreditation Scheme.