SKINsoft is a French research laboratory providing innovative solutions for museums, foundations and contemporary cultural centres.

Our applications can be used in every type of establishment, from the smallest to the largest, for any kind of collection : art and history, archaeology, modern art, natural history. Our applications are available in various languages and we are working with organisations in both European and American continents.

All our solutions are Rich Internet Applications (RIA): wherever you are, you can securely access, view and add information to your applications, using a standard web browser. Our software provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface that will facilitate your work.

S-Museum, our collection management software, based on current standards (including Joconde, Dublin Core, and OAI support) – offers a complete yet easy to use solution for museums.

S-Museum is only one of the component of the SKINsoft software suite specific to the cultural sector, the suite offers various solutions including :

  • SKINweb, a collection publication application, a publication and management interface for editorial content
  • SKINlibris, an application for collections management in libraries and documentation centers…
  • SKINarchive, an application for management of intermediate and definitive archives
  • SKINheritage, an historic territorial heritage management application

New features, units and applications are developed continuously by the SKINsoft research laboratory.

Minimum hardware requirement

Minimum server configuration :

80 GB free hard disk space

Minimum workstation configuration:

Pentium 4
512 MB RAM

Operating system(s)

Server configuration:

Linux Debian 8.0

Workstation configuration:


Operating systems:

Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Database architecture

Uses a SQL solution storing data in a key/value store with indexation in a fulltext / denormalised indexer solution. Different storage backend can be used (from DB backend with PostgreSQL to a fully distributed backend such as RiaK).

Public access support

SKINweb is a web-based software dedicated to the publication of collections. SKINweb allows users to pool databases, to organize them, to publish them on the web on a personalised contemporary website or to make them available for third-party applications. SKINweb can be synchronised with a SKINsoft application or a third-party one.

Backup support

Backup is managed at server level, through a replication on a server. Backup is realised every night, enabling recovery every day.

Data auditing and cleaning

The inventory is simplified thanks to the data entry helper: masks, data normalisation, batches, duplication.. Inputs are managed by controlled vocabularies (thesauri, open lists…) that are specific to each demand, and very user-friendly tools: input mask, table input, autocomplete feature… Preexisting errors can be fixed thanks to several de-duplication tools.

Users can analyse data through the integrated statistic tools. In addition, the data cleaning process is helped by the quality of the original transfer from another software to S-Museum. SKINsoft is especially skilled in specifications and mapping and pays attention to every steps of the data transfer.

Single user cost

S-Museum Standard:

from £4270 + VAT

Five user cost

S-Museum Standard:

from £6400 + VAT

Additional pricing notes

Licence prices are calculated according to the size and number of establishments, and to the number of users.



£880 per day (on-site training) or £450 per day (on-line training)

Our team organises training courses every time it is necessary.

Technical support


18% of software value per year


Our solutions are regularly updated and upgraded. Upgrades are enhanced in our maintenance price


By phone, mail, fax, online support centre. Technical dedicated hotline and user dedicated hotline opened every working day.

Special features

The application offers business features which respond fully to the current needs of contemporary museums. A workflow is at the heart of the process, thus guaranteeing speed and efficiency. All the actions carried out by the different users are gathered in a single application.

The software offers the following features :

  • Acquisition, deposit, inventory
  • Audit, collections management, location, restoration and preservation
  • Movements, transports, insurance, exhibitions, loans and borrowing
  • Data and media management, copyrights
  • Imports, exports and printings, interoperability
  • Controlled vocabulary, search, archiving

Additional features:

  • Audit Trails – As standard
  • Password – As standard
  • Picklist – As standard
  • Thesaurus for data entry – As standard
  • Thesaurus for retrieval – As standard
  • Screen designer – As standard
  • Report writer – As standard
  • Modifiable data structure – As standard
Image formats
  • BMP
  • PCX
  • TIFF
  • DXF
  • EPSF
  • WMF
  • Targa
  • IMG
  • JPEG
  • WPG
  • PCD
  • PNG
  • GIF

and many others.

Media formats
  • ASF
  • AVI
  • WMF
  • MJ2
  • MP4
  • OGG
  • MPEG
  • RealMedia
  • RIFF
  • WAV
  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • MP3
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • RA
  • WMA
Are image and media formats configurable?
Integrated DAMS

Yes through our module SKINdam

Support for integration with other DAMS

Yes through interoperability and API Rest.

Business process automation


Digital rights management

Yes. With S-Museum you can manage the copyrights related to data and media. Alert messages appear indicating if you have the right to publish the element(s) in question.

Mobile support

SKINweb enables the publication online.

SKINreporter enables the users of S-Museum to achieve their inventory on a tablet, work is done offline with a post synchronisation with S-Museum. Pictures are taken directly with the tablet.

Remote thesauri


User generated content




Data import can be realised through Excel files and API rest as well as UNIMARC in SKINlibris for library collections.


Exports to Excel / PDF / HTML

Ready for Europeana Connection Kit (ECK)

OAI-PMH - Purchase
SRU-CQL - Purchase
REST - Standard
SOAP - Purchase
RSS - Purchase
ATOM - Purchase 
Linked data/SPARQL - Purchase

  • DC
  • MARC
  • RDA
  • RDF
Museum / heritage standards
  • Spectrum
  • CIDOC CRM Core
  • ICOM Documentation Guidelines
  • LIDO
  • EDM
Spectrum procedures
Object Entry (primary)
Acquisition and accessioning (primary)
Location and movement control (primary)
Inventory (primary)
Cataloguing (primary)
Object Exit (primary)
Loans In - borrowing objects (primary)
Loans Out - lending objects (primary)
Documentation planning (primary)
Condition checking and technical assessment
Collections care and conservation
Insurance and indemnity
Damage and loss
Deaccessioning and disposal
Rights management
Use of collections
Bibliographical records

SKINlibris is a standalone library management system that can be integrated to the rest of our solutions.

It enables the management of scientific / museum documentation:

  • Cataloguing of all types of documents (books, periodicals, monographs, still and moving images, etc.)
  • Imports / exports functions in MARC
  • Acquisitions and movements management – histories
Bibliographic / library standards

MARC standards (ISO 2 and latest version of International Standards for Bibliographical Description (ISBD)).

Archival records support

SKINarchive is a web-based software, which coupled with S-Collection or S-Museum, will provide you with all the necessary tools for the management of archives. The application offers a professional solution for the long-term preservation of your physical and digital archives. These archival sources can be attached to media, to objects and also so bibliographic entries in SKINlbibris. They can also be published on the web using SKINweb.

Archival records standards


Integration with other library and archive management systems

Import and export UNIMARC, OAI, XML EAD and API Rest Import from any Z3950

Documentation URL
Contact postal address

5 rue du chateau rose
25000 Besançon

Software developer name
Software developer contact name
Pierre Martin
Software developer contact address

5 rue du Château Rose
25000 Besançon 

Software developer email
UK users and sites


International users and sites

Users : 500

Sites : 76

Main customers :

  • Musée Rodin (Paris)
  • Les Arts Décoratifs (Paris)
  • Fondation Maeght (Saint Paul de Vence)
  • New York Historical State Association (USA)
  • Air France (Paris)
  • Cité de l’économie
  • Banque de France (Paris)
  • Ministère de la Défense (20 museums)
  • Conseil Général de l’Isère (11 museums)
  • Conseil Général du Tarn (10 museums)
  • Conseil Général du Lot (5 museums)

The Rodin Museum, dedicated to the art of the sculptor Auguste Rodin chose S-Museum to manage its collection of 40 000 objects. SKINsoft worked closely with the Rodin Museum’s team to conceive a new object management tool where all that concerns movement, localisation, transportation, exhibitions can be managed. While renewing the whole museum, they chose a modern software to work with. The Rodin Museum is also using SKINweb – our web-publishing application to export its collections on the web. The collections are published here: http://collections.musee-rodin.fr/

Les Arts Décoratifs Paris (museum of the decorative arts and design) chose SKINweb – our web-publishing application – to export its collections on the web. This world class museum (more than 150 000 objects and documents) has different types of collections and is the proof that our applications can manage different collections in a common database. More than 1 million entries were synchronised within SKINweb for this project. Their collections are published here: http://opac.lesartsdecoratifs.fr/

Integration associate with the URL of the digital asset
Other software
Publish records online