ResourceSpace open source digital asset management (DAM) software is the simple, fast, and free way to organise your digital assets.

We know that in a museum or gallery environment, you’re processing, maintaining and cataloguing thousands of items for conservation and public consumption. But just because many of your artefacts may be ancient, doesn’t mean your systems have to be.

ResourceSpace is the contemporary way for institutions to manage the vast array of digital content that is created when you’re overseeing large and important collections. Whether you’re photographing stock for archiving, submitting condition reports, or creating images to exhibit online, you need digital asset management software that can treat your assets as carefully as you do.

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Special features
  • Tailored to your brand – Restyle in-app for complete customisation.
  • Bringing teams and files together – Easily share assets from one central hub.
  • Access that you control – Protect and secure files with advanced privacy settings.
  • Fast and flexible search – Automatic file previews and conversion for hundreds of file formats.
  • Workflow and version control – The DAM system that improves the way you work.
  • Success you can measure – Built on open source utilities and software for completely flexible functionality
  • Metadata structured around your needs – With advanced tagging and categorisation.
  • Seamlessly integrates – Easily integrates with a wide range of existing systems.
  • Preview and convert thousands of file formats – Assets you want in the size and style you need.
Are image and media formats configurable
Yes. ResourceSpace allows full configuration of supported image and media formats, including over how these are transcoded by the system and which are permitted.
Image formats

ResourceSpace supports any image format for upload. For the automatic creation of previews, we use ImageMagic and support any format that is supported by that library. At the moment, ImageMagick supports reading over 100 major file formats (without including sub-formats). For more information, please see:

Media formats

ResourceSpace supports any media format for upload, and can automatically create previews for most formats. If ResourceSpace cannot generate a preview for a media type, users have the ability to manually upload a preview image.

Business process automation

Yes, there are workflow features within ResourceSpace.

Workflow states

Monitor the status of any given resource at a particular point in time using workflow states. According to the status of an asset, such as live or archived, you can determine who can see and edit the content, and the workflow actions that can be performed.
For instructions on managing workflow states, visit the Knowledge Base.

Workflow actions

Actions form the links between the workflow states, visible as buttons to those with relevant permission to carry out the action. Whilst some standard actions are provided with the default installation of the plugin, they can also be created, edited and deleted within the Team Centre.

For more information on managing workflow actions, read this Knowledge Base article:

Ready to revert

If ever you change your mind about an action, our version control tools allow you to enact a simple revert process. In one click, you can undo uploads, or metadata input, functions which are found within the Resource Log – for reverting on a bigger scale, we allow batch undos for an entire collection of resources.

Find more information on version control in the Knowledge Base.

Digital rights management

ResourceSpace has built in license management capabilities, and additionally, custom metadata fields allow the storage of any rights information that the user may choose to add.

Mobile support

ResourceSpace has been designed to be fully responsive, with mobile devices in mind.

Remote thesauri

ResourceSpace can integrate with other systems using its plugin architecture / design.


ResourceSpace has many data import facilities to include using our API, bulk upload and Static Sync:

Data export using the API can be achieved by searching the system and then either requesting the metadata for those results, getting the actual file or doing both. For more information on the API, please see:

ECK ready

Our full-featured API is REST-like.

ResourceSpace provides users complete flexibility with regards to creating metadata fields.

Museum / heritage standards


ResourceSpace provides users complete flexibility with regards to creating metadata fields and custom workflows.

Minimum hardware requirement

We recommend having a 4 core 2.4GHz processor with 16GB RAM. A more performant system should be considered for more intensive work such as processing videos or generating previews for large image formats (e.g TIFF).

Operating system(s)

ResourceSpace runs on both UNIX and Windows platforms.

Database architecture

The system can be set as either a 1-tier architecture or a 2-tier architecture. The 2-tier architecture approach, allows having the database on a separate database server.

Public access support

ResourceSpace can provide public access in a few ways:

  • By using external shares of collections/ resources. See for more information.
  • Using the anonymous access feature of the system which allows anyone to search the system, in a public way, as if they were logged in as a particular user. Restrictions can be applied to the user group that user belongs to so the administrators can maintain control over what can be seen by the public. This refers to both files and metadata.
  • Using the RESTful API of ResourceSpace (
Backup support

ResourceSpace has been built to allow easy backup by all major Enterprise backup solutions.

For more information on how to backup ResourceSpace please see:

Data auditing and cleaning

There are different levels of logging:

  • Activity log tracks all user activity in the system.
  • Resource log keeps track of all the changes that affect a particular resource in the system.
  • MySQL or debug logs are for recording database queries or debug purposes.

For data maintenance, ResourceSpace has tools (scripts) that help keep data clean. For example, (re-)indexing a field so users can search by its options and find resources in the system.

Single user cost

No license fee & unlimited users. ResourceSpace is free software, so there’s no annual software license fee regardless of the number of users.

We do offer annual support contracts, and our commercials may be viewed here:

Five user cost

See above – we don’t have per-user pricing – ResourceSpace has a free / open source license. An unlimited number of users may use the system with no cost increase.

Additional pricing notes

Custom development pricing is available upon request.


All our prices include full administrator training. Our Customer Success team will provide the training required during implementation to the designated administrators.

Technical support

Our Technical team provide support around upgrades, help using and configuring ResourceSpace, and unlimited bug fixes.

Bibliographical records

Not applicable.

Bibliographic / library standards

Not applicable.

Archival records support

Not applicable.

Archival records standards

Not applicable.

Integration with other library and archive management systems

Seamlessly integrated with TMS and EMu.

If you’re used to utilising The Museum System (TMS) or EMu throughout your working day, you can now combine the systems you already rely on with ResourceSpace, for unified transfers and syncing.

By using ResourceSpace in conjunction with your existing TMS or EMu platforms, you’ll be able to immediately import data from one system to another. ResourceSpace can connect your digital photograph or video of an item, with the data related to that piece in the Collection Management System, automatically retrieving information such as its Object Name, Object Number, ID, Classification, etc – saving you time on manual input.

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Montala Limited
The Old Barn
Wicklesham Lodge
United Kingdom

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Peter Gough
Software developer contact address

Montala Limited
The Old Barn
Wicklesham Lodge
United Kingdom

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UK users and sites

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International users and sites

ResourceSpace clients from the Museum & Heritage sector include:

  • Crystal Bridges
  • Bush Heritage Australia
  • Museum of American Art
  • De Museumstichting
  • The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
  • Historic New England
  • New Hampshire Historical Society
  • Petersen Automotive Museum
  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
  • The Walters Art Museum

  • LACA