Qi is a web-based collections, information and asset management solution that allows organisations of any size to manage, publish and share their collection and any other content. Qi can be easily customised to adapt to any type of content and to serve it to diverse audiences, across any number of channels and platforms. Qi is designed for ultimate flexibility, collaboration, ease of use and speed.

Qi is Spectrum compliant from the onset and supports every other major international standard such as CDWA, RDA, ISAD(G), MARC21 and more, meaning that any type of collection can be accommodated. Qi is geared towards management as well as publication and sharing of information, integrating multiple repositories and removing the need for middleware.

Minimum hardware requirement

Any modern web server, preferably XEON based. 16GB RAM.

Operating system(s)

Linux (preferred), OSX, Windows.

Database architecture

MySQL or MS SQL Server

Public access support

Qi offers a comprehensive publishing module, which can be easily customised to suit individual needs. The real strength of the Qi architecture is in its integration within the wider organisations website architecture, so that contextual information and multi-layered narrative can be easily added.

Unlike other ‘vertical’ collection management solutions, in Qi the Collection Online will be an integrated part of the whole website, complete with multi-faceted links to and from other sections (i.e. Visit, What’s On, Learning etc.). A RESTful API publishing data in XML and JSON is also standard for integrating with other CMS systems.

Backup support

Backup is managed at server level, typically with a redundant architecture and off site NAS servers.

Data auditing and cleaning

Data cleaning is typically done at import. Data auditing is supported natively.

Single user cost

Single user: £1,000 per annum, including hosting and maintenance (SaaS only)

The price includes the core Qi modules (content + collection management, authority management, digital asset management, API and online access) and excludes configuration, users/team management – which can be added as extras.

Five user cost

Please contact us as the price depends on whether Qi is licensed as SaaS or through a Site License.

The price includes all Qi modules (content + collection management, authority management, digital asset management, configuration, users/team management, API and online access).

Additional pricing notes

Each license includes all modules:

  • Unlimited records/objects
  • Unlimited authority lists
  • Digital asset management with unlimited catalogues/assets
  • Configuration editor – API + Reports – Web publishing

The only difference is that the Single User license does not include Users and Team management and Configuration and can only be hosted by Keepthinking (SaaS).


Qi is incredibly simple and intuitive to configure and use. We offer the following training packages and options from our offices in London and New York.

  • Basic training (1 day) £700 including training material (up to 4 people)
  • Configuration training (1 day) £700 including training material (up to 4 people)
  • Advanced reporting (1 day) £700 including training material (up to 4 people)

We can provide training and support over videoconference or at your organisation, subject to travel and accommodation expenses.

Customised training packages are also available.

Technical support

Support is offered from 9am – 7pm, London or New York time.

Customers may purchase an annual maintenance plan, in terms of a total amount of hours, to gain access to support, software upgrades newsletters and regional user meetings. Support staff use Gotomeeting and Skype.

Special features

Already released:

  • Fully integrated, extendible solution
  • Built on open source software
  • Completely written in HTML5 to guarantee future-proof
  • Support for all 21 SPECTRUM procedures and every unit of information
  • Support for multilingual content, including auto-translate via Google Translate
  • Support for external authorities via web API, including Getty AAT, Getty ULAN, Getty TGN, VIAF, Geonames, Freebase
  • Full read/write RESTful API with support for GET, POST, PUT, DELETE methods
  • Integrated Digital Assets Management with support for over 400 file types and automated thumb nailing and video transcoding

Coming soon:

  • Workflow management to support a procedural approach to collection / content management
  • Event driven workflows with shared calendar for collaboration and information across the board

Additional features:

  • Audit Trails – As standard
  • Password – As standard
  • Picklist – As standard
  • Thesaurus for data entry – As standard
  • Thesaurus for retrieval – As standard
  • Screen designer – As standard
  • Report writer – As standard
  • Modifiable data structure – As standard
Image formats
  • TIFF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF

and any other format

Media formats
  • ASF
  • AVI
  • WMF
  • MP4
  • OGG
  • MPEG
  • WAV
  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • MP3
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • WMA
Are image and media formats configurable
Integrated DAMS?


Support for integration with other DAMS

Yes via the RESTful API

Business process automation


Digital rights management


Mobile support

Yes – Qute (currently in prototype) supports mobile Movement Control, Condition Checking and Conservation Activities.

Remote thesauri

Yes – Qi can integrate with any web service that has an API in JSON/XML

User generated content

Yes, Qi has a fully extensible data architecture that is built to support any type of user-generated content.



Yes, Qi has a fully extensible data architecture that is built to support any type of user-generated content. Full RESTful API with GET, PUT, POST, DELETE methods


Full RESTful API with GET, PUT, POST, DELETE methods

ECK ready

OAI-PMH - Standard
REST - Standard
Linked Data/SPARQL - Purchase

  • DC
  • MARC
  • METS
  • MODS
  • OWL
  • RDA
Museum / heritage standards
  • Spectum
  • ICOM Documentation Guidelines
  • CDWA
  • LIDO
  • CCO
  • VRA Core
  • CHIN Data Dictionaries
  • EDM
Spectrum procedures
Object Entry (primary)
Loans In (primary)
Location and Movement (primary)
Cataloguing (primary)
Condition Checking
Risk Management
Rights Management
Use of Collections
Object Exit (primary)
Loans Out (primary)
Loss and Damage
Retrospective Documentation (primary)
Acquisition (primary)
Bibliographical records

Yes, support for MARC and RDA is provided.

Bibliographic / library standards
  • MARC
  • RDA
Archival records support
  • ISAD(G)
  • DACS
Archival records standards


Integration with other library and archive management systems

Possible via the integrated API

Support site URL
Documentation url
Contact postal address

Keepthinking (UK)
43 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1M 5RS
United Kingdom

Software developer name
Keepthinking Ltd
Software developer contact name
Cristiano Bianchi
Software developer contact address

Keepthinking (UK)
43 Clerkenwell Road 
London EC1M 5RS
United Kingdom

Software developer email
UK users and sites
  • British Council Visual Arts
  • The Wedgwood Museum
  • National Galleries of Scotland
  • William Morris Gallery
  • The Public Catalogue Foundation
  • The Ashmolean Museum
  • The Horniman Museum
  • The Burlington Magazine
  • The Mucha Foundation
  • The UK Venice Biennale
  • Pallant House Gallery
  • University of Oxford
  • House of Illustration
  • Artist’s Collecting Society (Bridgeman)
  • Burgh House Museum
International users and sites
  • The Charlie Chaplin Archive (Italy)
  • Comune di Bologna, Intranet and Internet services (Italy)
  • West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (Hong Kong)
  • Denver Art Museum (US)
  • Museum of the City of New York (US)
  • Clyfford Still Museum (US)
  • University or St Paul Minnesota (US)
  • Zilvermuseum (Belgium)
  • Province of Antwerpen (Belgium)

The Public Catalogue Foundation, with over 210,000 records and 30+ users.

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