MuseumPlus RIA

MuseumPlus RIA, the web-based successor of the widely used and successful Collection Management System MuseumPlus, is developed by the Swiss zetcom Group. The 25 man-year development phase of MuseumPlus RIA (RIA stands for Rich Internet Application) lead to a brand new and extremely flexible technological base, which is more customisable and configurable than ever.

The unique highly ergonomic user interface is just one highlight of the first comprehensive web-based CMS on the market. MuseumPlus RIA is offered as cloud-based version (SaaS, Software as a Service) with full support for hosting and maintenance by zetcom, and as local installation on demand.

The company has over 16 years of experience in database technology, documentation, designing museum management software and in conducting projects of any size in the cultural sector worldwide. zetcom serves more than 850 clients in 26 countries all over the world with a team of well over 50 experts in 5 different locations throughout Europe and Northamerica. Among our longterm clients are The Louvre, Paris, The State Museums of Berlin, National Museums in Stockholm, Singapore and Athens and many more renowned cultural institutions.

MuseumPlus RIA it is fully configurable, includes custom workflow integration and offers a modular structure so that it is suitable for any kind and size of collection, gallery or museum. MuseumPlus RIA is compliant with national and international documentation standards (Sprectrum, CIDOC, CDWA lite, LIDO, DC, EDM and others).

Minimum hardware requirement

Hardware for Application Server and Database Server (virtualization possible):  – 4 core processor  – 8 GB RAM  – 50 GB hard disc

Operating system(s)


Application Server (Linux recommended)
Database Server (Windows Server, Linux)


Windows, MacOS, Linux

Database architecture
  • Relational Database (MS SQL-Server, PostgrSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
  • Metadata driven
  • Flexible database model
Public access support

Public access via the Internet / Intranet is provided by the complementary, platform independent web application eMuseumPlus and through the use of the MuseumPlus RIA API.

The API provides the possibility for any third party product or project to access and work with MuseumPlus RIA data.

eMuseumPlus offers extensive research and display facilities with optional access restrictions to explore the museum’s data, e.g. collections, exhibitions, biographies, bibliographies, media files and documents. eMuseumPlus is a modular system as well and therefore adopts very well to the demands for public access.

eMuseumPlus is a widely used option to fulfil Europeanas (and others platforms) requirement to have your collections accessible (and linkable) online.

Backup support

Backup is provided through the full backup of the SQL-Server in use. The backup of any media files is included.

If used as a hosted, SaaS-solution, the full MuseumPlus RIA backup is provided by zetcom as part of the full service. Standard backup is daily (including all digital assets). Optional premium backup is available (incremental backup with a rollback option up to 3 month). Any other backup service can be negotiated.

If used as a local installation, backup is in the responsibility of the client.

Data auditing and cleaning

MuseumPlus RIA comes with a set of tools and functions to perform effective and easy auditing and data cleaning: e.g. the alternative user interface view “Table View” offers a quick overview of large numbers of records in an Excel-like table structure, where changes in data can be done on the fly. Extensive search and replace functions are available of course.

Once working with MuseumPlus RIA the extensive use of controlled vocabularies and thesauruses prevent in many cases wrong or incorrect data entry. The user has full control over any vocabulary, field type and mandatory use of vocabularies.

The zetcom team offers consulting and programming on individual auditing and data cleaning projects prior to data migrations or post migration.

Single user cost

MuseumPlus RIA license purchase price for local installations start at £ 1,530  (€ 1,880) for the standard version.

MuseumPlus RIA SaaS subscription fee (hosted by zetcom) start at £ 49  (€ 60) per concurrent user per month for the standard version. Included in the subscription fee are hosting, server, disk space, maintenance, support, hotline and updates. No extra support and maintenance contract is required.

Five user cost

MuseumPlus RIA license purchase price for local installations start at £ 6,950  (€ 8,550) for the standard version for 5 concurrent users. Support and maintenance contract required.

MuseumPlus RIA SaaS subscription fee (hosted by zetcom) start at £ 245  (€ 300) for 5  concurrent users per month for the standard version. Included in the subscription fee are hosting, server, disk space, maintenance, support, hotline and updates. No extra support and maintenance contract is required.

All MuseumPlus RIA licenses are concurrent user licenses.

Additional pricing notes

MuseumPlus RIA comes in 4 different version:

  • Standard (all core modules) – suited for small private and corporate collections, art galleries and small museums.
  • Professional 1 (all core modules plus Exhibition Management) – suited for most museums.
  • Professional 2 (all core modules plus Exhibition Management plus Event Management) – suited for medium size and large museums.
  • Professional 3 (all core modules plus Exhibition Management plus Event management plus Custom Modules) – for individual extensions and custom modules.
  • The core modules are:

Objects / Collections, Artists / Creators, Address Management including PR/mailings, Bibliography, Conservation, Historical Events, Collection Events, Provenance, Location Management, Values and Transaction History, Digital Assets, Report Generator, Vocabularies, Thesauruses, System Administration, User Administration


User and admin training courses are held during the project phase of MuseumPlus RIA.

User training is normally a 2-day-course. Courses are held on-site. Online courses and optional courses are available upon request.

Training concepts can be discussed individually, so that for example Train-the-Trainer courses can be held instead of user trainings.

Costs: £ 680 per training day for up to 8 participants.

Technical support

Unlimited technical and user support is available workdays 8am until 6pm. Support is availabe via telephone, eMail, remote desktop support, zetcom online ticket-system and video conferences.

These services are covered either by the support and maintenance contract, or by the SaaS-contract for MuseumPlus RIA, where it is included in the subscription fee.

Hotline is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Greek from our offices in Europe and US.

We guarantee, that you will receive support and help from that zetcom office, which has been responsible for your MuseumPlus RIA project as well. All of our hotline and support staff has a minimum of 5 years of experience in Collection Management Software, MuseumPlus and professional training.

Special features

Key features of MuseumPlus RIA include:

  • Platform independent (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Location independent (SaaS, cloud-based)
  • No client installation required (web-based)
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Flexible data model and data field catalogue
  • Completely metadata driven (easy updates for any installation)
  • Extremely flexible reporting with MS Word and MS Excel
  • Office and Outlook / Exchange integration
  • Workflow integration (via Groovy scripting language)
  • Multilingual (interface as well as content)

MuseumPlus RIA offers a number of new features and possibilities compared to the classic MuseumPlus applications:

  • Individual views per user or user-groups
  • Table views
  • Web views (e.g. integration of Google Maps)
  • Drag-and-drop ingestion of digital assets
  • API Application Programming Interface
  • Zoomable user interface
  • Side tabs for search and digital assets
  • DAM features included in the application
  • ECK integration (Europeana Connection Kit)


  • Tablet interface
  • Facetted search
  • Integration of more web services (e.g. vocabularies)
  • New accessibility features (UI zoomable)
  • Expansion of ECK for other providers and platforms.

Additional features:

  • Audit Trails – As standard
  • Password – As standard
  • Picklist – As standard
  • Thesaurus for data entry – As standard
  • Thesaurus for retrieval – As standard
  • Screen designer – Purchase
  • Report writer – As standard
  • Modifiable data structure – Purchase
Image formats
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • WMF
  • PCX
  • GIF

and about 100 more image file formats.

Media formats
  • AVI
  • QT
  • WMF
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • WAV
  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • WMA
  • MPEG

and any other format supported by locally installed players.

Are image and media formats configurable?
Yes, possible on demand (custom code integration).
Integrated DAMS

Yes. Integration and ingestion of digital assets is a core feature of MuseumPlus RIA. Assets are recorded in the Media Module of MuseumPlus RIA and annotated by metadata.

Support for integration with other DAMS

Yes. Today we offer integration with Portfolio (by Extensis) and Cumulus (by Canto). Any other DAM integration is available on demand.

Business process automation

Yes. A scripting language is integral part of the MuseumPlus RIA development environment. Workflow, automation and other special features are easy to implement with this language. Any individual business process automation is possible.

Digital rights management

On demand.

Mobile support

Depending on the Operating System, MuseumPlus RIA can be used on tablets. Solutions via remote desktop services or terminal serives is possible as well. Native support for tablets, including iPhone and iPad, is upcoming.

Remote thesauri

Yes. Integration of external web services for Thesauri is possible.

User generated content

Yes. User-generated content can be included in MuseumPlus RIA via the API.



Yes. The API grant full access to the data structure of MuseumPlus RIA.


Yes. The API grant full access to the data structure of MuseumPlus RIA. More details:

Ready for Europeana Connection Kit (ECK)

OAI-PMH - Purchase
REST - Purchase

  • DC
  • MARC
  • METS
  • MODS
Museum / heritage standards
  • Spectrum
  • CIDOC CRM Core
  • ICOM Documentation Guidelines
  • CDWA
  • LIDO
  • CCO
  • EDM
Spectrum procedures
Object Entry (primary)
Acquisition and accessioning (primary)
Location and movement control (primary)
Inventory (primary)
Cataloguing (primary)
Object Exit (primary)
Loans In - borrowing objects (primary)
Loans Out - lending objects (primary)
Documentation planning (primary)
Condition checking and technical assessment
Collections care and conservation
Insurance and indemnity
Damage and loss
Deaccessioning and disposal
Rights management
Use of collections
Bibliographical records

Yes. MuseumPlus RIA comes with a Library Module, which enables the integration of bibliographical records. Library standards are supported on a core level.

Bibliographic / library standards
  • MARC
Archival records support

Yes. MuseumPlus RIA comes with an Archive Module, which enables the integration of archival records. Archive standards are supported on a core level.

Archival records standards


Integration with other library and archive management systems

Integration with any other library or archival system via the MuseumPlus RIA API is possible.

Contact postal address

zetcom Ltd.
Koepenicker Str.
154 a
10997 Berlin

Software developer name
zetcom Ltd
Software developer contact name
Norbert Kanter
Software developer contact address

zetcom Ltd.
Koepenicker Str.
10997 Berlin

Software developer email
UK users and sites

MuseumPlus is used at about 12 museums, galleries and private collections – among them the Ashmolean Museum Oxford and the Wallace Collection London. The number of users is aprox. 200.

International users and sites

Number of sites: 850 + Number of users: 8,700 + in 26 counties. MuseumPlus, MuseumPlus RIA and eMuseumPlus are available in 11 languages.


We are more than happy to provide you with individual references to any of our clients on request.

Largest clients:

  • The State Museums of Berlin 480 + users 5.5 million records 0.5 million Digital Assets
  • The Louvre, Paris 300 + users 0.4 million records
  • Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona 160 museums 400 + users 30 + million records
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