Modes Complete

Modes Complete is the fully-featured version of the Modes collections management system. It can be installed in single-user or multi-user (networked) configurations.

Modes Complete is Spectrum 5.0 compliant.

Indexes, outputs and reports, validation and terminology control are all pre-defined, but can be configured by the user.

Minimum hardware requirement

Client: Pentium 4 600 MHz processor with 4GB RAM.

Server: Pentium 4 2.8Ghz 4GB RAM.

Operating system(s)

Windows 7 and above; Windows Server 2008 and above.

Database architecture

Client-Server system based on NexusDB database.  Datebase can support any field structure defined by a DTD – Object.DTD and TEI.DTD supplied and supported as standard.

Public access support

It is simple to export data as CSV or XML for upload to web services.

Backup support

Modes creates an XML backup at the close of each editing session, with options for either full backups or incremental backups, and a choice of backup locations.  Alternatively, data file backups can be managed through the Modes Admin interface.

Data auditing and cleaning

Modes maintains a log of when records were created, when modified, who created by, and who modified by. There is a range of data cleaning tools within the system, including find and replace, and automatic correction as the data is validated.

Single user cost

£1300 +VAT to purchase Modes Complete.

12 months support is included in this price.

Five user cost

£3900 +VAT. 12 months support is included in this price. Additional user licences can be purchased for £650 +VAT per licence.

Additional pricing notes

50% discount for Modes Compact users if they upgrade.


On-site training for up to 6 delegates from £660 +VAT (according to location).

Scheduled courses in Derby £110 +VAT per delegate, discounts available for more than one delegate.

Technical support

Support by phone, email, website and remote support 1 user £146 +VAT per year, 5 users £438 +VAT per year (first year included with purchase).

Special features

Modes Complete provides comprehensive support for cataloguing any type of object, with links to files for recording the management of Spectrum procedures.

Modes includes a flexible data structure, which is mapped to Spectrum units of information.  Choose from one of the suite of record templates supplied (archaeology, books, costume, etc.), or define your own.  For archivists, there is a suite of record templates mapped to ISAD(G).

As well as images, any multimedia or document type can be linked to the database, using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Data entry is supported by terminology control and spell checking.

Modes Complete is supplied with predefined record templates, indexes, terminology and validation settings, which can all be configured by the user through the Modes Admin interface.

Additional features:

  • Audit Trails – As standard
  • Password – As standard
  • Picklist – As standard
  • Thesaurus for data entry – As standard
  • Screen designer – As standard
  • Modifiable data structure – Fields and field groups can be added from standard list of elements
Image formats
  • BMP
  • PCX
  • TIFF
  • DXF
  • Targa
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • EPS
  • PSD
  • ICO
  • JPC
  • IEV
  • LYR
Media formats

Any media type can be launched and played from within Modes Complete by association with any available media player installed on the computer.

Are image and media formats configurable?
Integrated DAMS


Support for integration with other DAMS

Data exchange based on XML / LinkedData.

Business process automation


Digital rights management


Mobile support


Remote thesauri


User generated content




Data can be imported as XML. Package includes conversion utility for importing data from CSV.


Data can be exported as XML, HTML, PDF, CSV, Text and RTF.

Ready for Europeana Connection Kit (ECK)

OAI-PMH - Free download
Linked Data/SPARQL - Standard

  • DIDL
  • DDI
  • MARC
  • METS
  • MODS
  • OWL
  • RDA
  • RDF
  • UK_LOM_Core

Can be mapped to any data schema.

Museum / heritage standards
  • Spectrum 5.0
Spectrum procedures
Object Entry (primary)
Acquisition and accessioning (primary)
Location and movement control (primary)
Inventory (primary)
Cataloguing (primary)
Object Exit (primary)
Loans In - borrowing objects (primary)
Loans Out - lending objects (primary)
Documentation planning (primary)
Condition checking and technical assessment
Collections care and conservation
Insurance and indemnity
Emergency planning for collections
Damage and loss
Deaccessioning and disposal
Rights management
Use of collections
Collections review
Bibliographical records

Books template.

Bibliographic / library standards

Under development.

Archival records support

Yes. Templates mapped to ISAD(G).

Archival records standards


Integration with other library and archive management systems

Data can be exchanged as XML.

Support site URL
Documentation URL
Contact postal address

Sadler Bridge Studios
Bold Lane
United Kingdom

Software developer name
Modes Users Association 
Software developer contact name
Richard Langley
Software developer contact address

Sadler Bridge Studios
Bold Lane
United Kingdom

Software developer email
UK users and sites

More than 480 organisations use Modes Complete in UK.

International users and sites



Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, 35 users.

Integration associate with the URL of the digital asset
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