Adlib is a flexible and customisable collections management system which can be adapted to all collections from the simplest through to the most complex and high profile. Adlib software is renowned for its flexibility and the ease with which it can be tailored onsite by the customer. Specialised versions are available for Archive, Library and […]


Calm is a collections management system developed by archivists for archivists to meet the specific needs of managing archives and records Built on a foundation of international standards for archival and curatorial collections management, Calm solutions are flexible and highly customisable to suit a customer’s requirements. More than 400 institutions have adopted a Calm solution


eHive is a web-based collection cataloguing system. It makes cataloguing and publishing of your collection easy and affordable. Collect it, connect it, show it to the world! The free trial lets you sign up and see exactly how it works: eHive provides all the technology so that you can get on with managing your […]


EMu is one of the most sophisticated collections management systems on the market, with a wealth of features and functionality EMu has been at the forefront of collections management for more than three decades and is used by institutions of all sizes and collection types. A comprehensive and flexible collections management system, EMu is able […]


Micromusée is the complete collections management system for all types of collections and museums. The new Version 7 offers a completely renowned interface for a better user experience and higher efficiency. It enhances the possibilities for shared or multilingual databases. Micromusée is user friendly and easy to customize.

Mimsy XG

Mimsy XG has been managing the collections of small private collectors through to large national institutions for more than 20 years An easy to use collections management software solution, Mimsy XG is known for its simple implementation and user led development. It has a particular strength in cultural history and multi-disciplinary collections. Its strong cross-platform […]

Modes Compact

Modes Compact is the entry level version of the Modes collections management system. Modes Compact supports SPECTRUM primary procedures to Accreditation standards: Object Entry, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Object Exit, Loans in, Loans out, and Location and movement control. Can be installed as single-user program only. Public access is available through an optional web interface including plugins […]

Modes Complete

Modes Complete is the fully-featured version of the Modes collections management pectystem. Modes Complete is a SPECTRUM compliant application, but indexes, outputs and reports, validation and terminology control can be configured by the user. Can be installed in single-user or multi-user (networked) configurations. Public access is available through an optional web interface including plugins for […]

MuseumPlus RIA

MuseumPlus RIA, the web-based successor of the widely used and successful Collection Management System MuseumPlus, is developed by the Swiss zetcom Group. The 25 man-year development phase of MuseumPlus RIA (RIA stands for Rich Internet Application) lead to a brand new and extremely flexible technological base, which is more customisable and configurable than ever. The […]


MuseumIndex+ is a powerful SPECTRUM-compliant museum collection management system featuring the Index+ Workflow Pilot which not only supports, but guides you through, the SPECTRUM procedures. The system is configurable to meet specialist needs and is in use in all sizes of museum from the smallest to the largest. MuseumIndex+ is part of the CollectionsIndex+ software […]


The OpenHeritage system is built using Free Open Source Software. The main platform consists of Drupal, a web-based content management system. This interfaces with Geoserver, an open source mapserver, and OpenDataKit (ODK) an open source data collection software suite for Android devices. The platform is built as a national heritage management system serving three primary […]


Qi is a web-based collections, information and asset management solution that allows organisations of any size to manage, publish and share their collection and any other content. Qi can be easily customised to adapt to any type of content and to serve it to diverse audiences, across any number of channels and platforms. Qi is […]


SKINsoft is a French research laboratory providing innovative solutions for museums, foundations and contemporary cultural centres. Our applications can be used in every type of establishment, from the smallest to the largest, for any kind of collection : art and history, archaeology, modern art, natural history… Our applications are available in various languages and we […]

The Museum System (TMS) and eMuseum

Gallery Systems’ core collections management product, The Museum System (TMS), is a sophisticated, easy-to-use relational database application designed specifically for collections, content, media, exhibition, and loan management. Developed in partnership with museum professionals, TMS is a robust and highly configurable collection management system that can organize and manage all collection types without compromise. TMS is […]

Vernon CMS

Vernon Systems has more than 30 years’ experience in creating software for the museum, gallery and cultural heritage sectors.  Our systems are used around the world by institutions to catalogue, manage and publish information about collections. Vernon CMS keeps detailed information about valuable collection items. This includes a full valuation and location history for each […]


Extensis Portfolio is the industry’s most usable, flexible, and supported digital asset management solution for organizations and workgroups of all sizes wrestling with an ever-growing volume of digital content. By delivering visual and contextual insight for every file, Portfolio helps workflows move faster and people connect to their assets, projects, and partners. Recognizing that asset […]


Primus is a collection management system for museums and cultural institutions. It manages information regarding the objects in the collection as well as the processes needed to handle them. Primus allows for the management of any object considered part of a collection, from art and cultural history to photos, video/audio, buildings and more. Different types […]


With robotron*Daphne, a collection management system has been created that enables the recording and management of large collections in an exceptionally efficient way. It combines the basic philosophy of maximum simplicity and at the same time maximum performance with the elegance of a modern application. The intuitive handling allows each museum staff member to productively […]


The software Sofie is Sweden’s most used system for managing collections at museums, local history societies and archives. Sofie is owned and developed by Västerbottens Museum since 1991 and has been sold to customers around the country since the mid-1990s. Today the software is running at over 250 customers at various cultural heritage institutions. The […]


Proficio from Re:discovery Software is a complete Museum Collections Management System that comprehensively manages many types of collections (including art, history, natural history, archaeology, archives/manuscripts and reference library) in one system.


ResourceSpace open source digital asset management (DAM) software is the simple, fast, & free way to organise your digital assets. We know that in a museum or gallery environment, you’re processing, maintaining and cataloguing thousands of items for conservation and public consumption. But just because many of your artefacts may be ancient, doesn’t mean your […]