A free, open-source tool for building visually rich, interactive timelines. Beginners can start using just a Google spreadsheet, while developers can customise the output using JSON. The resulting timeline can be embedded into most websites by simply copying and pasting some short code as demonstrated below. The FAQs suggest that WordPress sites need a plugin, but the page you are looking at now is in a WordPress site, and we just pasted in this code generated by TimelineJS:

<iframe src=”https://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/timeline3/latest/embed/index.html?source=1S4lL3tyTsd2wkJRVQy7Ncm8McavIIT8eg4S14KtTckE&amp;font=Default&amp;lang=en&amp;initial_zoom=2&amp;height=650″ width=”100%” height=”650″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

It seems to work fine.

Publisher: Northwestern University Knight Lab