The Museum Security Toolkit

Please note that all the links in this document are out of date.

The Museum Security Toolkit supports museums to maintain and improve the security of their collections against theft, fire and flood. It has been developed for museums and other heritage facilities as a result of the Collections Trust project Building Capacity for Museum Security which was funded by Arts Council England.

The Toolkit provides a rationale for museum security auditing which builds on security experience already in the museum sector and includes knowledge and techniques developed in Neighbourhood Policing.

This toolkit helps you to consider the security activities in your organisation which will support you when fulfilling Accreditation requirements. It will support you to:

  • Improve your museum’s security against theft, fire and flood
  • Integrate the security of collections into the policy of your museum
  • Ensure that, at an operational level, security is supported in the daily practice of your museum
  • Embed responsibility for security across all staff in your museum, and integrate security awareness into the development of your staff
  • Develop internal expertise before seeking external review
  • Take a risk management approach to the security solutions you choose, which will help you to prioritise and forward plan

Collections Trust security resources have been updated and expanded with the support of Arts Council England and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

However please note that all the links in this document are out of date.

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Date created: 2013

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Arts Council England