The Cost of Digitising Europe’s Cultural Heritage

Produced in November 2010, on behalf of the European Commission, this groundbreaking report analyses the costs of Digitising the collections of Europe’s museums, archives and libraries and making them accessible online.

The purpose of this study has been to conduct a thorough investigation of the costs associated with digitising different types of material in different types of cultural heritage institution. The objective has been to arrive at a set of reasonable projected costs for the Digitisation of Europe’s cultural heritage.


1. Purpose of this Study
2. Defining Digitisation
3. Cost-Models for Digitisation
4. Understanding Formats
5. A Structured Approach to Normalising Costs
6. The Scale of European Cultural Heritage
7. The Cost of Digitising Libraries
8. The Cost of Digitising Museums
9. The Cost of Digitising Archives
10. The Cost of Digitising AV Material
11. The Cost of Digitising European Cultural Heritage
12. Comparisons
13. Methodology
14. Bibliography

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Date created: 2010