Spectrum is the UK Museum Collections Management Standard.

Spectrum is a publication that takes you through the activities involved in managing a collection and its associated information. It has guidance on 21 procedures of collections management taking you from object entry to deaccessioning. This includes 8 primary procedures that are linked to UK Accreditation.

Currently in its 4th edition, Spectrum is developed and maintained by the Spectrum Community and brings together the knowledge, expertise and experience of hundreds of museums, from nationals to volunteer run societies.

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Spectrum Consultation

The first edition of Spectrum, in 1994, was the work of scores of people from museums across the country. More than two decades later the Collections Trust wants to make sure that the next revision – Spectrum 5.0 – still reflects current practice in museums large and small.

Spectrum Resources

To accompany the main Spectrum Standard there are a number of free resources available that give further guidance and advice on how to implement the use of Spectrum:

  • The Standard.
  • All Spectrum Resources.
How Can I Use Spectrum?

There are a number of ways to benefit from using Spectrum depending on who you are and what you do:

  • Use the Spectrum Standard to develop in-house procedures.
  • Choose a CMS that is Spectrum Compliant.
  • Become a Spectrum Partner to use Spectrum for commercial purpose.

Date created: 2016

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Collections Trust