Spectrum DAM

Spectrum DAM is a best practice guide to integrating digital asset management into an existing collections management practice based on (or compatible with) Spectrum, the UK Collections Management Standard. It is intended as a companion to Spectrum and its development has been supported by the Arts Council England, with the support of, and on behalf of, a global community of museums, galleries, libraries, archives and other cultural heritage organisations.

Why Spectrum DAM?

The management of digital assets is important for the sustainable management of collections, collection information and running your museum as a business. This guide is intended to assist organisations to consider:

  • Why and how digital asset management can benefit your organisation.
  • How to develop a DAM strategy how to integrate DAM as part of your existing collections management work.
  • How to develop and communicate policies and strategies for DAM procuring and implementing a digital asset management system DAMS.


Spectrum DAM addresses issues in eleven chapters with case studies, models templates and resources to support them:

  • Welcome to Spectrum DAM
  • Strategic Collections Management
  • About this Guide
  • What is Digital Asset Management?
  • Benefits of Digital Asset Management for your organisation
  • Creating a Digital Asset Management strategy
  • Spectrum procedures and Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Asset Management policies
  • Metadata for museum
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Technical options
  • Models for DAMS Implementation

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Date created: 2013

Author: Nick Poole, Alex Dawson

Publisher: Collections Trust