Screen Heritage UK Moving Image Collections handbook

All over the UK, archives, museums, charities, universities, libraries and arts centres have been carefully storing film and video charting their own and their communities’ pasts. From public document to home movie, extravagant fictions to reportage, this material is a precious and priceless store of historical detail, social understanding and powerful connections to other times, places and lives. Scarcity of resources has too often prevented these moving images from being made as available to the public as their holders would like.

Preserving moving images is a complex and painstaking business. This handbook from Film London on behalf of London Screen Archives is intended to support collection holders to continue this work, providing a basic ‘starter’s guide’ to key aspects of moving image archives management, preservation and access.

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Date created: 2011

Author: Film London; London Screen Archives

Publisher: Film London; London Screen Archives