Revisiting Museum Collections

Revisiting Museum Collections, developed in 2006, supports museums and archives to open up their collections for reinterpretation and knowledge capture by community groups and external experts to build and share a new understanding of the multi-layered meaning and significance of objects and records.

Revisiting Museum Collections aims to capture and permanently associate this newly acquired knowledge within the documentation of the object or record to give it a new voice and perspective.

This publication (3rd edition) takes you through the Revisiting Museum Collections methodology so that you can apply it within your own organistion. Please be aware that some of the links within this PDF are no longer accessible or have been archived due to an updated version. You can search for ‘Revisiting’ in the search box on this page and select the option to include archived resources and case studies to access all resources that are still available.


  • Introduction: What is Revisiting Collections?
  • Theory and Practice
  • The Revisiting Museum Collections toolkit and Spectrum
  • Applying the toolkit to capture new information
  • Revisiting Museum Collections and the Spectrum
  • Information groups and Units of information
  • Final notes: Implementation and continuing development

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Date created: 2009

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Collections Trust