Renaissance East Midlands Flagship Volunteers ebook

The 2010/2011 Renaissance East Midlands Flagship Volunteer Providers programme involved 28 museums across the region working to improve their volunteer management, enhance the diversity of the volunteer opportunities they offered and increase volunteer numbers.The programme was successful, with over 300 new volunteers now involved in a wide variety of roles.

Facilitated by consultants Heather Lomas and Emma Chaplin museums used a range of tools and strategies to improve their volunteering practice and develop practical ways to enhance the volunteering opportunities they offered. Improvements focused around the use of the London Volunteering 10 point Charter of good practice as a benchmarking tool, networked support and action planning.

This may help you in developing your volunteering practice for Accreditation.

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Date created: 2011

Author: Heather Lomas; Emma Chaplin

Publisher: MLA Renaissance East Midlands