Person’s group


The group (social, ethnic, cultural, faith, gender orientation) to which a Person belongs or which he/she identifies him/herself.

How to record

Use a single term. Maintain a list of standard terms, based on a recognised terminology source.


Belgic; Wessex culture; Romanesque; Anglian; Clactonian; Pre Raphaelite


Use one or more times as required for each organisation.

Note that some terms in common archaeological use can have a range of connotations and could be recorded under different headings, eg ‘6ic’ might be recorded as Date-period (chronological), Object production people (ethnic) or Associated cultural affinity (having intrinsic features and/or contextual associations which link object with “Belgic” material culture).

Use this for information about an object owner, selector or viewer taking part of a Revisiting Collections event.

Information group

Person information

Date created: 2017

Author: Collections Trust

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