PAS197: 2009 Code of Practice for Cultural Collections Management

The Collections Trust commissioned the British Standards Institute (BSI) to create a Publicly Available Specification for Collections Management in 2009. This was published as BSI PAS 197:2009.

The purpose of a Publicly Available Specification is to provide a common definition of a body of professional practice in a specific industry sector.

PAS 197 enables top-level management to take a strategic and integrated approach to collections management. It provides a blueprint for creating sustainable strategies that balance collections development, collections information, access to collections and collections care and conservation. At the same time, it takes account of the legal and statutory environment within which collections are managed.

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) gives recommendations for the management of cultural collections by collecting organizations such as archives, libraries, museums and other public and private collecting organizations that hold cultural collections.It covers the provision, implementation and maintenance of a collections management framework, including policies, processes and procedures for:

  • collections development
  • collections information
  • collections access
  • collections care and conservation

It is applicable to all types and sizes of cultural collections.

Obtaining your copy

The full BSI PAS 197:2009 Code of Practice for Cultural Collections Management can be downloaded or purchased from the British Standards Institute website (RRP £70).

The content and core concepts of the BSI PAS 197 have also been used to create a Practical Guide to Collections Management. This can be purchased from the Collections Trust’s shop (RRP £24.99)

Date created: 2009

Author: Collections Trust; British Standards Institute (BSI)

Publisher: BSI

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