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Partage Plus – Digitising Art Nouveau in 3D

Starting in March 2012 and lasting for 24 months, the Partage Plus project digitised Art Nouveau objects, artworks, posters and buildings to create more than 75,000 items – including 2,000 3D models, of content for access through Europeana.

Collections Trust, alongside a network of partners across Europe, researched art nouveau collections to open them up for learning and enjoyment online. The project involved creating rich 3D models of complex and beautiful objects, many of which presented technical challenges, including the scanning of reflective surfaces and dealing with objects with a complex internal and external structure.

Clicking on the link on this page will take you to the showcase of 3D scans from the Partage Plus website.

View Europe’s art nouveau collections in glorious 3D on the Partage Plus website

Date created: 2014

Publisher: Collections Trust