Owner’s personal response


A description of the way in which a previous owner responded intuitively to the object.

How to record

Use normal grammar and punctuation. May include one or more different types of personal response, including: Feelings about an object beyond their personal experience of it; Why they ‘connected’ with an object, or regarded it as personally special; The broader cultural meaning which they attached to an object; Aspects of an object which they felt were of particular artistic, historical or cultural significance; Their response to it from the point of view of a different cultural standpoint or conjecture as to what the object might have meant to another individual connected with the object, such as the creator, user or another owner.

If the experience is a reflection on, or conjecture regarding the significance of an object, a description of feelings about, or personal relevance of an object, then record in Owner’s personal response.


Represents the last remains of a ‘forgotten world’.


Record once only for an owner’s contribution.

Date created: 2017

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Collections Trust