Online collections – Q&A panel video and transcript

During the current lockdown period, many museums have been keen to get more of their collections online. On 25 June 2020, this expert panel discussed the options, shared good examples and answered questions.

Here you can watch a recording of the discussion (with optional subtitles) or download a PDF transcript that includes links to the resources recommended.

The panel:

  • Sarah Brown – Collections Trust (chair).
  • Rachel Cartwright – Digital Engagement Officer, South West Museum Development Programme.
  • Becki Morris – Director, Disability Collaborative Network.
  • Anra Kennedy – Content & Partnerships Director, Culture24.
  • Alec Ward – Museum Development Officer Digital and Communications, Museum Development London.

Agenda (time stamp):

  • Welcome (00:00).
  • Panel introductions (01:44).
  • Being strategic (03:52).
  • Gathering and using feedback (10:44).
  • Examples of community archives (18:57).
  • Accessibility (28:29).
  • Making videos (33:44).
  • Software and apps (41:36).
  • What gets overlooked (50:29).

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Date created: 2020

Author: Collections Trust; panel

Publisher: Collections Trust