Object production note


Additional information about an object’s production.

How to record

Use normal grammar and punctuation. Record information in the following areas: Detailed descriptions of techniques and processes used in the production, construction or decoration of an object, eg:

‘Recipes’ for the manufacture of clays, paints, varnishes, glazes, or lacquers used in the production of an object.

Accounts of the designs, moulds, or sketches which were used in the design/creation of an object.

If more than one Object production people/person/organisation/place are recorded, the Object production note should be used to give further information about the relationship between the different stages in production.


Biscuit fired to 1060C then painted with copper oxide and salt solution and gas-raku fired to 1050C. Cobalt oxide and salt in solution, dark patches added and refined in electric kiln.

An architectural design included among the Adam drawings in the Soane Museum, No. 218, shows a cabinet of closely though not precisely similar type; and with the date 1st June 1771.


Record once only for an object.

Information group

Object production information

Date created: 2017

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Collections Trust