Object name


A description of the form, function or type of object.

How to record

Use a single term. Maintain a list of standard terms, based on a recognised terminology source.

The Object name may be a common name or classification of an object in a textual or codified form. By using broader terms in a classification system, the object can be classified as belonging to a particular group or category of objects.

An object can be named at a very specific or a very general level, eg mug/drinking vessel/container/domestic artefact. The same object could also be assigned different names depending on the context, eg mug/commemorative item/studio pot. For this reason it is often necessary to record more than one Object name.

Use Brief description to record a sentence describing an object more fully. Use Title to record the name of a specific object or group of objects. Use the Content units of information to describe anything depicted or described by an object.


jug; Windsor chair; palaeoniscum freieslebeni; fossil; rhenium; 1.56 tape recording interview; painting; model; penny; groat; coin


As many times as required for an object.

Date created: 2017

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Collections Trust