Object entry – scope

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This procedure provides a receipt for objects left with you, sets out your terms for accepting responsibility, gives the object an identifying number, and captures key information right away. It is especially important if you accept enquiries and potential acquisitions at the front desk and someone else will follow up later. Anyone who might receive an object in this way should know what to do and how to record the information you need.

You should take the same care of all objects you are responsible for, whether or not they belong to your museum. You might be held liable if you lose or damage such objects, even if you did not ask for them to be left with you (eg they arrive unexpectedly in the post). You need to record their arrival before you decide what to do with them.

In this procedure we use the term ‘owner’ to mean the person depositing the object with you, but this will not always be the case. If the depositor is someone else, make sure they have authority to act on the owner’s behalf.

Date created: 2017

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Collections Trust