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Museum Accreditation Scheme Collections Development Policy template

This template from Arts Council England provides a Development Policy framework, which sets out the principles, standards and legislation for responsible and ethical acquisition (and disposal) of collections.

This resource has direct relevance to Accreditation requirement 2.2 Development Policy: ‘The museum must have an approved policy for developing collections (also known as an acquisition and disposal policy).’  All museums are expected to follow the template Collections Development Policy provided. The accompanying guidance document states:

‘Accredited museums will have an approved and in date collections development policy (or acquisition and disposal policy), based on the template policy current during its development, including all relevant clauses, or legally required equivalents, for example, as directed by an Act of Parliament. Any changes to the template clauses must not reduce the requirement.’ 

This template is also relevant to Collections Development Standards. Under the Museum Accreditation Scheme Standard, Acquisitions are always made within the context of a Collections Development Policy (sometimes referred to as the Acquisitions and Disposal Policy), which has been approved by the governing body and sets out the principles that provide the governing bodies and the workforce with a framework for responsible and ethical acquisition of collections.

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Date created: 2014

Author: Arts Council England

Publisher: Arts Council England