Moving library and archive collections

There are a number of reasons for moving collections. The most usual are relocation to different premises, the renovation of the fabric of the building, the installation of security systems, preparation for exhibition or rearrangement of the collection itself. The whole collection, or a part of a collection, may be moved within the building, within a complex of buildings or off site altogether. The extent to which the collection is affected will vary but any movement of books and archives has the potential to cause them harm, so it is important to be aware of the risks and to begin planning as far as possible in advance of the move.

This leaflet resource gives guidance on best practice for conducting the move of a library or archive collection. It describes areas of the move where the collection may be at risk, and suggests how the risks may be minimised by good planning. Outlines for the specification of handling and packing criteria for contractors are provided.

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Date created: 2013

Author: Caroline Bendix

Publisher: British Library Preservation Advisory Centre