Location and movement control – scope

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As well as recording when objects move in and out of your museum you should also keep track of them within the museum too.

For this you will need to have an agreed system of naming all the buildings, and rooms within them, where your objects might be (eg stores, galleries and conservation labs). This procedure also records environmental conditions within these spaces, so you can be sure they are suitable for the objects kept in them.

Within each space you should be able to record the exact location of each object with appropriate precision (eg specific boxes, shelves, drawers and display cases).

Following this procedure promptly keeps your location records up to date, which is the key to being accountable for your collections. Ideally, your system will also record where objects have been located in the past. This can be useful if, for example, you notice pest damage or some other change in an object’s condition and you need to investigate possible causes.

In many cases moving museum objects can be highly complex, especially when transporting them across international borders, and you may need specialist advice.

Date created: 2017

Author: Collections Trust

Publisher: Collections Trust