Loans in lockdown – Q&A panel video and transcript

Concerned about managing Loans in and out during the current lockdown or when re-opening, want to know more about the Government Indemnity Scheme guidance, or have a general loans question you’d like to run by a registrar? Join Collections Trust and an expert panel for an online discussion answering your questions.

Here you can watch a recording of the discussion (with optional subtitles) or download a PDF transcript.

The panel:

  • Sarah Brown – Outreach Officer, Collections Trust (chair).
  • Charlotte Dew – Professional Development Manager, Touring Exhibitions Group.
  • David Packer – Chair of UK Registrars Group.
  • Lyn Stevens – Registrar, National Museums Scotland.
  • Carol Warner – Manager of the Government Indemnity Scheme.

Agenda (time stamp):

  • Welcome (00:00).
  • Panel introductions (00:53).
  • Priorities as we emerge from lockdown (02:29).
  • Couriering and risk management (10:27).
  • What if my loan contact is on furlough? (17:49).
  • Electronic signatures on loan agreements (20:44).
  • Historic loans lacking paperwork (26:57 ).
  • Balancing best practice with accessibility to loans (36:47).
  • What often gets overlooked (40:08).

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Date created: 2020

Author: Collections Trust; panel

Publisher: Collections Trust