Loans between national and non-national museums: new standards and practical guidelines

This publication outlines fifteen loans standards that the National Museum Directors’ Conference (NMDC) members undertake to meet, subject to the resources available, plus loans guidelines for:

  • Research and planning
  • Procedures and administration
  • Insurance and Government Indemnity Scheme
  • Security, environment and display
  • Packing, Transport and Couriers
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Long term loans and touring exhibitions

The term ‘national museum’ refers to institutions which are ‘national by virtue of a status conferred through legalisation and are directly funded by government, and are members of the National Museum Directors’ Conference.

The term ‘non-national museum’ refers to publicly funded museums, other than those directly funded by central government.

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Date created: 2003

Author: NMDC

Publisher: NMDC