Intellectual property: Copyright

This resource from the Intellectual Property Office includes information and guidance on copyright.

It includes links to further resources that discuss:

Quick links:

  • Copyright Acts and related laws.
  • Intellectual property research: Copyright.
  • Intellectual property offences.

Introduction to copyright:

  • Intellectual property and your work.
  • How copyright protects your work.
  • Using somebody else’s intellectual property.
  • IP for business: events, guidance, tools and case studies.
  • IP in education.
  • Seeking intellectual property advice.
  • Copyright in sound recordings.
  • Ownership of copyright works.
  • Why you should use an IP attorney.

Managing copyright:

  • License, sell or market your copyright material.
  • Artist’s Resale Right.
  • The rights granted by copyright.
  • Warning: misleading invoices.

Collective licensing:

  • Licensing bodies and collective management organisations.
  • How the IPO regulates licensing bodies.

Exceptions to copyright:

  • Exceptions to copyright.
  • Changes to copyright law.
  • Changes to Section 72: Public showing or playing of broadcasts.
  • Technological protection measures (TPMs) complaints process.

Copyright notices:

  • Copyright notices.
  • Copyright notice: digital images, photographs and the internet.
  • Copyright notice: assignment of copyright.
  • Copyright notice: performance of live music.
  • Copyright notice: knitting and sewing patterns.
  • Copyright notice: public exhibition of copyright works.
  • Copyright notice: printed music.

IP crime:

  • IP crime reports.

Orphan works:

  • Orphan works guidance.

Objecting, challenging and resolving copyright disputes:

  • Defend your intellectual property.
  • Enforcing your copyright.
  • Letters alleging online copyright infringement.
  • Intellectual property mediation.
  • Valuing your intellectual property.

Using copyright abroad:

  • Protecting your UK intellectual property abroad.
  • IP protection abroad: country guides.
  • Extension of UK intellectual property rights abroad.

Law and practice:

  • Copyright Acts and related laws.
  • Intellectual property offences.


  • Intellectual property research: Copyright.
  • Intellectual property research: IP in general.

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Date created: 2019

Author: Intellectual Property Office

Publisher: GOV.UK