Insurance and indemnity – scope

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Working out your insurance needs can be complex, and may need specialist advice from valuation experts, security advisors and conservators, as well as your insurance providers. The risks you insure against, and how much cover you need, will depend on related procedures including Valuation and Emergency planning for collections. Items of low financial worth but great significance may need enough insurance to cover swift emergency treatment after a disaster, followed by years of remedial conservation work.

Your insurer may require high-value objects such as fine and decorative arts to be catalogued (and photographed) in enough detail to help later recovery if they are stolen. The ObjectID standard is used internationally for this purpose.

Indemnity refers to non-commercial insurance of the kind underwritten by governments, allowing museums to exhibit high-value loans they could not otherwise afford to borrow. In the UK, the Government Indemnity Scheme is managed by Arts Council England.

Date created: 2017

Author: Collections Trust

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