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ICON, the Institute of Conservation

This resource is related to the Accreditation Standard 2.6 Care and Conservation Plan, ‘The museum must have plans to help deliver improvements to collections care and conservation in line with the collections care and conservation policy.’

ICON, the Institute of Conservation, is the lead voice for the conservation of cultural heritage in the UK. It provides the recognised source for finding professionally qualified conservator-restorers in the UK and Ireland: Conservation Register at ICON.

The Professional Accreditation of Conservator-Restorers (PACR) implements standards for the care of our cultural heritage across a range of disciplines. Accredited Conservator-Restorers (ACR) have demonstrated to assessors that they have the appropriate knowledge, practical skills and sound professional judgement. The processing of accreditation applications is overseen by the Accreditation Committee. The overall management of the PACR process is carried out by the PACR Management Board.

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Date created: 2016

Author: ICON

Publisher: ICON