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How to research a portrait or portrait collection toolkit

This toolkit from Understanding British Portraits SSN is designed to assist researchers to compile accurate and reliable information about a portrait or collection of portraits. For example, the toolkit can assist researchers towards establishing the identity of the sitter (the person portrayed), the name of the artist who made the portrait, or the date it was made. These are some of the elements of core data that are fundamental to our understanding of a portrait.

The toolkit includes:

  • Folding maps of core data for a portrait and portrait collection
  • A portrait template for recording individual portraits
  • A portrait collection template for recording a portrait collection
  • A name record template for recording names
  • Links to case studies that demonstrate aspects of research

Clicking the link on this page will open this resource to view on the Understanding British Portraits website.

Date created: 2008

Author: Dr Annette Peach

Publisher: Understanding British Portraits