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How to assess and manage risk in collections care

This resource is related to the Accreditation Standard 2.6 Care and Conservation Plan, ‘The museum must have plans to help deliver improvements to collections care and conservation in line with the collections care and conservation policy.’

This publication, developed by Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, SHARE Museums East and the Collections Trust, provides an introduction to the assessment and management of risk in the context of the care of museum collections.

Within a museum, risk assessment and risk management are used in a variety contexts, for example to ensure adequate health and safety measures are in place for staff and visitors to inform business planning and to develop an effective emergency plan. This guide considers how to use risk assessment as part of a risk management approach to collections care. By applying the basic principles of risk management, a simple system can be developed for use within a museum of any size to help prioritise and inform the allocation of collections care resources.

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Date created: 2012

Author: Susanna Hillhouse

Publisher: Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, SHARE Museums East, Collections Trust