Guidelines for the care of larger and working historic objects

The Association of British Transport and Engineering Museums (ABTEM) have updated the ‘Guidelines for the Care of Larger and Working Historic Objects’ for 2018.

They have been produced to provide practical conservation advice to those owning and operating industrial and transport collections and are intended to be a resource for heritage organisations of all sizes from the largest museum to the smallest volunteer group or individual.

The guidelines cover stationary engines, industrial machinery, road vehicles, aircraft, railway vehicles, ships, boats and other working items and update standards first published by the former Museums & Galleries Commission in 1994 that have been used widely by specialists and non-specialists but have been out of print for some time.

Click the link on the right-hand side to visit the ABTEM website where you can download a copy for free. If you would prefer to buy a hard copy of the document, you can do so in the Collections Trust shop.

Date created: 2018

Author: ABTEM

Publisher: ABTEM