Getting it together (final report)

The final report of a research project supported by the Open Data Institute’s Stimulus Fund, published in March 2021. It decribes the ‘framework for change’ proposed by Collections Trust, which re-thinks what an open ecosystem for collections data might look like. The report also sets out four key interventions Collections Trust proposes to focus on, in partnership with others:

  • A ‘connect and collect’ service – a minimum viable solution for bringing together collection records from all museums as the raw material for any and all uses.
  • In the ‘use and enhance’ part of the framework:
    • A ‘find and select’ tool allowing users to find and select the data they want to work with, as the first step in countless scenarios using digital collections.
    • A generic ‘content curation’ tool that demonstrates how museums might capture and re-use knowledge generated in the course of projects and collaborations.
  • Underpinning the ‘store and preserve’ part of the framework, a sector-wide digital preservation strategy, making better use of existing funding to improve museums’ digital storage arrangements and futureproof the benefits of short-term projects.

Date created: March 2021

Publisher: Collections Trust