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Forward planning toolkit

Effective forward planning is central to the Accreditation Standard and to a museums effective management of their resources to deliver their mission. Forward planning is a key component for Organisational health of the Accreditation Standard.

This resource from the Southwest Federation of Museums and Galleries maps itself against the requirements of the Accreditation Standard, ensuring all elements required are addressed. It provides step-by-step guidance to help museums of any size develop a robust Forward Plan. The toolkit divides the planning process into 13 stages and focuses museums on understanding and participating in the process of developing the Forward Plan. There are templates, downloadable documents and links within the toolkit to support museums through the process.

Clicking the link on this page will open this resource to view on the Southwest Federation of Museums and Galleries website.

Date created: 2011

Author: Vicky Dawson

Publisher: Southwest Federation of Museums and Galleries