Flood water ingress due to burst pipes

This case study explores how The Argory National Trust site managed a burst pipes and flood ingress emergency when, on 31 December 2010, a burst pipe in the attics flooded directly into the Archive room and spread to other areas of the house. Affected items included furniture, bed linens, photographs, books, correspondence and legal documents, curtains, carpets and underfelt. The fabric of the building has also suffered from the flooding and subsequent drying.

Thanks to the rapid response from staff and volunteers, damage to the collections was limited. The cost of salvaging and conserving the collection, as well as completing the building works necessitated by the incident, totaled approximately £100,000.

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Date created: 2011

Author: Ingrid Chesher; Claire Magill; Elizabeth Long; Katy Lithgow

Publisher: National Trust; Northern Ireland Museums Council