FISH Components Thesaurus

The FISH Components Thesaurus from the Forum on Information Standards in Heritage includes terminology covering divisions and structural elements of a building or monument, relating to the built or buried heritage. It also includes terms that describe areas and spaces, decorative features, fixtures and fittings, machinery and implied features (e.g. post hole, cartouche, truss).

Historic England, as part of the Forum on Information Standards in Heritage (FISH), takes a leading role in setting standards for recording the built and buried heritage. Historic England and FISH are continually developing new thesauri to provide structure and guidelines for the standardisation of terms to be used when creating new records of the past.

The top concepts in the thesaurus are:

  • Unassigned
  • Implied Feature
  • Areas And Spaces
  • Plans And Divisions
  • Building Component
  • Fixtures And Fittings
  • Order
  • Structural Component
  • Decorative Features
  • Machinery

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Date created: 2020

Author: FISH

Publisher: Historic England