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Documentation planning pack

The aim of the Collections Trust Documentation Planning Pack is to assist museums to produce their own documentation plans. The guidelines contained in the pack can be used for all types of documentation planning; they are not intended as the only way to produce a documentation plan and are specifically to help the documentation planning process as required by UK Museum Accreditation Scheme.

Part 1: Planning to improve collections documentation

1. The Documentation Planning Pack
2. Why do you need a documentation plan?
3. Some definitions
4. Before you start
5. What should be in a documentation plan?
6. Inventories and Retrospective documentation
7. A note about priorities, timescales and resources

Part 2: Primary Procedures Checklist

You can use the Primary Procedures checklist when you are carrying out your documentation planning. The Primary Procedures Checklist takes you through the Minimum Standard for each of the Spectrum Primary Procedures; each minimum standard is expressed as a question. If you are able to tick the left hand column for each Minimum Standard for each Primary Procedure, then you have met the standard. If you have minimum standards that you are not able to tick, that is an indication that you will need plan how you are going to improve that procedure in your museum. The Primary Procedures are a requirement of the Museum Accreditation Scheme.

See Part 1 for

• Information about the Primary Procedures and why they need to be in place in all museum documentation systems.
• Guidance on using when to use this checklist in the documentation planning process

Part 3: Greendale Museum Documentation Plan

A documentation plan prepared for the fictional ‘Greendale Museum’ as part of its application for Accreditation in 2016.

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Date created: 2016

Publisher: Collections Trust