Copyright: A Practical Guide

Copyright: A Practical Guide is an essential reference handbook for museum, archive and library professionals looking to fulfil the legal and ethical responsibilities of managing copyright in a collection. This second edition publication has been updated to reflect the latest copyright reforms. It is available to purchase in our online shop.


The guide addresses key issues in six chapters:

  • Introduction: Why does copyright matter, what is protected by copyright, what does copyright control, who owns the copyright of a work, how long does copyright last, moral rights in works, other Intellectual Property Rights associated with objects in collections, using your collections and the importance of good practice.
  • Developing a Copyright Policy: Why is a policy important, what should be in a copyright or IPR policy and how to make your policy work.
  • Carrying out a rights audit of your collections: Why do it, when should it be done, who should do it and how to carry it out.
  • Getting permission to use your collection: When to get permission, whose permission do you need, how to find out who owns the rights, how to get permission, what should happen if the rights holder cannot be traced or they are unknown?
  • Rights management: Why do it, when should it be done, who should do it, what are the basic requirements and what information should be recorded?
  • Protecting Rights: Why do you need to protect rights, how to protect rights, protecting digital content.

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Date created: 2017

Author: Naomi Korn; Gordon McKenna

Publisher: Collections Trust