Communicating Archaeology

This resource, from the Society for Museum Archaeology, is a set of case studies into the wide range of use and engagement
activities that archaeological collections are used to deliver.  The case studies are:

  • Diving Deep – HMS Invincible 1744.
  • Lost Landscapes – bringing Ice Age Worcestershire to life.
  • Our Warwickshire Redisplay of the Market Hall Museum.
  • Should we display the dead? Visitor input into museum policy.
  • Horniman Museum and Gardens Access Advisory Group.
  • Untold Histories Museum Tours.
  • Bristol’s Brilliant Archaeology – annual festival.
  • YourDIG – community co-created exhibitions.
  • Working Stone, Making Communities – technology and identity in prehistoric Orkney.
  • Know Your Place – co-creating the story of Bristol.
  • Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage – views from Egypt 2019-2020.
  • Curator Battle 2020.
  • Lost and Found – treasures from the archive.
  • Sapienza University and Tullie House Museum International Research Agreement.

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Date created: 2021

Author: Gail Boyle; (ed) Jenni Butterworth (ed)

Publisher: Society for Museum Archaeology