Collections care in lockdown – Q&A panel video and transcript

On 7 April 2020 an expert panel drawn from the Museum Development Network and convened by Collections Trust came together to answer questions from museum staff and volunteers concerned about caring for their collections during the current lockdown. Here you can watch a recording of the discussion (with optional subtitles) or download a PDF transcript that includes links to the resources recommended.

The panel:

  • Sarah Brown – Outreach Officer, Collections Trust.
  • Libby Finney – ACE Collection Care Development Officer, Museum of London.
  • Sarah Hartshorne – Museum Development Programme Officer, Museum Development East Midlands.
  • Anita Hollinshead – Regional Collections Adviser, Museum Development East Midlands.
  • Helena Jaeschke – Conservation Development Officer, South West Museum Development.

Agenda (time stamp):

  • Welcome and panel introductions (00:00).
  • Emergency planning (02:55).
  • Checking your collection periodically (11:45).
  • What can be done from home (21:07).
  • Insurance and indemnity (24:23).
  • Loans (26:40).
  • Dehumidifiers (29:00).
  • Accreditation update (31:25).
  • Pests (34:31).
  • Learning lessons (39:40).
  • Final thoughts (46:18).

Click the link on the right-hand side to download the PDF which includes the links mentioned by the panelists.

Date created: April 2020

Author: Collections Trust; Museum Development Network

Publisher: Collections Trust; Museum Development Network