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Case study: theft of the Wenlok Jug from Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton

These articles from Luton Today and BBC News discuss the theft of the Wenlok Jug, a 14th century bronze jug of national and local significance, which was stolen at night by an intruder who smashed the specially made case that contained the jug, on 12 May 2012.

This case study is relevant to Accreditation requirement 2.8 Expert assessment of security arrangements: ‘The museum must obtain expert security advice for stored and exhibited collections at least every five years, and earlier if needed. It must plan to act on the advice over time.’

Clicking the links on this page will open these resources to view on the Luton Today and BBC News websites.

Date created: 2012

Author: Luton Today, BBC News

Publisher: Luton Today, BBC News